Stage 3 – Pixels to Print with HP Indigo Digital Offset Label Press

Stage 3 – Pixels to Print with HP Indigo Digital Offset Label Presshp_indigo_label_press

‘All Good Things Take Time’ we commenced production with our new digital label press on December 7, 2012. The installation engineers and training support personnel from Currie Group have been fantastic in making sure everything is absolutely perfect.

It has been very pleasing to see how quickly our team has picked up the new technologies and production workflows.

During a busy December, at such an early stage I could see the many advantages, improved efficiencies, flexibility of the workflow and the outstanding quality of each label order produced.digital_label_production

I’ve even tested the team out, when a client called to say the labels looked fantastic but, ‘Sorry Ken due to miss calculations we need another 2,500 urgently, can you help us out’? They picked them up 4 hours later. Only digital can provide such a dynamic solution.

Knowing everything is going to continue to improve as the team increases their knowledge, I look into 2013 with even more optimism.

Now I can say ‘All Good Things Take Time’ – Not any more with our Digital Offset Label Printing Solution.


Ken Strachan
Managing Director



Stage 2 – Equipment Implementation

Wednesday 21 November

Smag 1-col Flexo Press

Stage 2 – Equipment Implementation

It’s been a very busy period in our new digital production facility factory.

We took delivery of our shipping container early in the morning Wednesday 14 following its short journey from the manufacture SMAG in France.
The equipment includes:

• 1-col Flexographic printing press with corona treatment and Infa Red dryer. This press will be used to coat our label stocks with a necessary primer required by the HP Indigo Digital Offset Label Press

• Digital Label Finishing Machine fully servo motor controlled for precise finishing of labels. This machine provides finishing capabilities of:
– Label Laminating
– UV Varnishing (Spot & Full Coverage)
– Cold foiling (Silver/Gold)
– Die-cutting

Smag Digital Finisher

It has been a pleasure to work with and watch the efficiencies of the engineers of the Australian Distributors Gulmen Engineering unpacking, installing and setting up the equipment.

We’ve taken delivery of the final piece of the digital puzzle our HP Indigo from Currie Group this morning. With their team of engineers commencing the unpacking of all of the components and installation.

Our team is getting close to providing our valued clientele with our pixel to print solutions.


Ken Strachan
Managing Director

New Factory and Digital Press – First Glimpse

We would like to share a first glimpse of a new factory we are setting up to house our soon to be installed HP Indigo Digital Offset Label Press and Digital Finishing & Embellishment Equipment.

We’ve had Tradespeople setting up all of the necessary components over the past 4 weeks. Please take a look at the below pictures of the facility in its near completed format.

Painting is underway and come Monday 12 November it will be absolutely spotless awaiting delivery and installation of the first pieces of equipment.

Updates will be posted as we progress through the final stages of commencing the most exciting period of our history.


Ken Strachan
Managing Director

AgChem Labelling – Correct Label Stock

There are many different label stocks and different types of adhesive available for various uses and application onto different substrates.

It’s surprising the incorrect selections we see used in the AgChem Industry! As quiet simply your legal obligation and requirement in compliance as the ‘Registrant’ brand owner is your products labelling must last the lifetime of the product.

Why is this?

We do not expect our clientele to be expects in our Industry and the various technical aspects of labelling, this is our area expertise. Knowing what the substrate the label is being applied too is essential as the adhesive type and substrate must be a correct match, and importantly it must be suitable for outdoor use. Otherwise the label adhesive will react against the substrate by lifting off.

If you have any problems with your labels lifting off the product this is due to either of these factors:

  • Incorrect match between the adhesive type and substrate
  • Incorrect adhesive type for the usage
  • The substrate you are applying the label to is contaminated (if you have this problem the bottle needs to be cleaned with soapy water).

The adhesive must be an aggressive Permanent adhesive suitable for outdoor use.

The other important aspect is the label face stock, again there are various different types to select from. Do you choose paper or a synthetic stock either polypropylene or polyethylene, does it depend on what is the cheapest or looks the best. Simply AgChem labels must use synthetic labels as throughout the supply chain your products and labels will be exposed to the weather. Paper labels have a very limited life span in the AgChem environment.

So why is it we see so many AgChem products labelled with the wrong type of label. I would suggest the reasons for this are printers being used are either not specialised in label production or the AgChem industry. Or they provide a cheap price based on the wrong cheap material/adhesive combination to win the work.

Using the correct material/adhesive combination is only marginally more expensive.

Remember your labels must last the lifetime and lifestyle they live in. This is your legal compliance.