Coffee & Tea Roasters, marketers & distributors


Looking to increase your client base, improve your current branding & add value to existing supply?

Other than the coffee or tea itself, the cup is your best sales representative to further enhance your brand. The human mind is attracted to visual representation, and the cup your product is represented by is the first & last thing a consumer see’s throughout the experience.



1. Market Exposure

You have the ability expose your brand & message to other prospective retailers & consumers

2. Increased client interaction

Increased time a consumer & onlookers are exposed to your brand, develops customer loyalty & sells more coffee

3. Increased selling capacity

We have the ability to brand your name as well as the retailers at no extra cost. Add value and increase your database

4. Promotional advantages

Conduct any promotion to connect with consumers & encourage more sales

5. Cross selling advantages

Ability to promote other products such as Tea or Chai, or any other product offering


Our THICK double wall cups are of the highest quality & suitable for hot drinks as well as cold & alcoholic beverages.

Whether you require 500 or 5 million with 1 or 50 designs, we have a solution for you.


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